Optimal health and energy

What impact would it have on you and your life if you were able to enjoy optimal health and energy?

When was the last time you awoke refreshed with the joy of living? Or do you suffer from disrupted or restless sleep? Or perhaps you sleep though the night but wake with a feeling of lethargy?

Do you experience persistent headaches, frequent colds, viral, fungal and bacterial infections? Are allergies and intolerances part of your daily life? Have you been told that nothing can be done about eczema or urticaria?

Do you put up with a recurrence of minor ailments, or are you simply not responding to a prescribed course of treatment?

Alarmingly, we frequently resign ourselves to accept this as normal when, conversely, the natural state of the body is to be healthy and in balance.

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Our world today

We live in a challenging world. Our diet has changed more radically in the last 50 years than in the previous 5000. Our bodies are currently subjected to levels of pollution never before experienced in recorded history.  And the human species has changed its electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of the environment.

All these factors contribute to a compromised immune system and the subsequent imbalances in our body that result in lethargy, ill health and disease.


Each of our bodies, unique in its genetic make-up, conditioning, vibrational rate, and internal and external environment reacts individually to these contaminants. 

Elizabeth is able to pinpoint the missing piece of the jigsaw that might be preventing you from functioning at optimal levels.

She is able to identify the key causative, contributory and trigger factors – whether a genetic, hereditary or epigenetic factor; a toxin from petrochemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical or occupational sources; an environmental pollutant or electromagnetic  field; a nutritional deficiency or imbalance; a mental, emotional or psychological cause; or more subtle energies residing in the home or individual energy field.

Any or a combination of these may be the underlying cause or contributory factor in ill health, disease or  emotional stress.

Having this knowledge has empowered her clients and changed their lives...   

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