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Testimonials – Environmental

The following testimonials cover all aspects of Elizabeth’s work. They will give you a greater understanding of how her work has transformed people’s lives.

Asthma ...

The improvements in my asthma have been absolutely amazing. From the moment you rectified the detrimental environmental energies at the house my asthma improved so much and over time has continued to improve. I had suffered from asthma for 26 years since developing ME. In the last couple of yours I think it has actually worsened if anything. Now I have reduced my steroid inhaler by 75% (compared to December 2010) to only one use per day and Ventolin has been reduced by virtually 100%. I might need to use it only once every 1 – 2 weeks. Before I was on several puffs per day in addition to the steroid inhaler. I can also say that foods that previously triggered an asthmatic reaction no longer seem to bother me. It’s really fantastic and I’m so grateful to you for this improvement. My chest also feels so much better, and my sleep pattern that had been truly horrendous since becoming ill starts to show some improvement too. Meditations are also improving. It’s still only just over four months since you performed your magic. In effect you have given us back our home. It’s just incredible.

Rob, Essex

Hope ...

Elizabeth gave me hope where I previously thought it didn’t exist. She is a very special, gifted and amazing person..

A R Arcari

Sleeping through the night ...

After your actions, my granddaughter slept through each of the nights – the first time this had happened on a consistent basis – and continues to benefit. I can’t thank you enough for helping my family. It is indeed a privilege to know someone like you.

Lee Farrington, Auckland NZ

Phenomenal difference ...

I qualified as an energy healer in Spring 2004 but found it impossible to generate interest with any group. I believed that some form of energy block must exist in either my self or my apartment. I heard from a colleague that Elizabeth Brown could dowse both my property and myself to determine the problem, if one existed.

I was amazed that even without visiting the property Elizabeth was able to determine that there was an energy block. A visit was arranged and Elizabeth proved to be both understanding and extremely professional. She explained all that she did, and spent time explaining the reason for the blockages. With her special ability she was able to clear these blockages and identified the problem within my own energy field and referred me to a healer for therapists.

The difference in my working life has been phenomenal. I have secured a corporate contract and enquiries have begun to come with some degree of regularity. Both my property and I feel different. There is a more peaceful and welcoming ambience that my clients comment upon. I feel far more confident and comfortable in my work.

I cannot recommend Elizabeth too highly.

Barbara MacDonald, Bio-energy Therapist, London

Cancer ...

I bought my flat in August 2003 and since then find it very difficult to sleep at night and always wake up tired, even when going to bed early. I could just feel something was deeply wrong in my bedroom and other areas in the flat (particularly the living room). The freeholders told me that the previous owner had died of cancer a year before, something which I did not pay much attention to. The day I got Elizabeth’s telephone number from the British Society of Dowsers was my lucky day. Elizabeth came in and established my bed was in an area contaminated by geopathic stress lines, which were also conducting electromagnetic pollution from high voltage power cables crossing the line lower down the street.

This was a potential cause for cancer, if left untreated in the long run. Knowing the “right” people in life will make all the difference between enjoying life with happiness and satisfaction or constant suffering and struggle. Every cancer patient in the UK should be aware of Elizabeth’s work; and the government in particular should be open and attentive. The potential to save human lives is simply beyond imagination. Many thanks, Elizabeth.

Marco Bianchi, London, NW3

Trustworthy and professional ...

Elizabeth Brown is an absolute gem – trustworthy, professional, discreet, talented. She has been of enormous help both to me and to various members of my family. Elizabeth immediately puts you at your ease – just like talking to a good friend.

Robin Fielder, London

Deepest sleep ...

Thank you for your help dealing with the geopathic stress problem. Since your visit I have felt that an underlying depression has been removed from my being which is really lovely. In the past few nights I have also had the deepest sleep I’ve had in 10 years. The flat now feels like a safe, positive place for us.

Thanks again for being frank, informative, professional and reassuring. I will definitely spread the word.

Uma RS, London

Geopathic stress ...

My first meeting with Elizabeth Brown was in London lecturing to the Doctor Healer Network. I was extremely impressed how logically and thoroughly she presented such an intangible subject. Six months later after having time to digest this new subject, I saw a new client who symptoms were shouting out “Geopathic stress”. Elizabeth made a home visit, and again I was stuck how professional, thorough and caring she was. As a consequence of having my eyes opened, I realised this was happening on my doorstep and I started to re examine my clients whose conditions were resisting change. In all these cases, Elizabeth found that energies in their environment were hampering their recovery. After Elizabeth’s visit each client has reported to me significant beneficial changes in their health. Comments such as “ I didn’t realise I was so ill” or “This is the first time someone has really listened to me”. I have been amazed how common this is, and how little is known about this area of medicine. This doesn’t require a belief system as the results consistently speak for themselves.

Sarah Patrick, Remedy Maker

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