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Treating the causes and not the symptoms

The commonest misunderstanding in medicine is why doctors should “treat the symptoms and not the cause”, to which the response can only be that, regrettably, the cause of virtually every illness in the medical textbook from asthma and arthritis all the way to Zoons balanitis, is quite unknown. Thus the best we can hope for is to “treat the symptoms” as effectively as we can.

Dr James LeFanu, Physician, author, and medical columnist for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers

Elizabeth has pioneered a system where the root causes behind any condition can be identified and therefore treated – leading to a profound level of healing and recovery.

The condition may be a previously diagnosed illness, a set of seemingly unrelated symptoms that has no allopathic label, or a mental, emotional or psychological state.

By accessing the information field of the body, she can determine the causative, contributory and/or trigger factors behind the condition and, in turn, provide an individually tailored, comprehensive, highly detailed and finite ‘action list’ for the optimal way to address these factors. An action list may propose physicians (medical or holistic), remedies, processes, nutrition, therapies or lifestyle changes.

The benefits of Causative Diagnosis® are widespread and far-reaching:

• Having this information means that the underlying causes can be addressed and corrected, rather than merely managing symptoms. This is a more profound way of looking at ill health: it leads to a long-term solution rather than a short-term fix and prevents the likelihood of the condition returning

• Treatment ceases to be a lottery or ‘shot in the dark’, but instead a carefully customized treatment plan specifically targeting the imbalances in the body – and one that is in the client’s best interest rather than a one-size fits all solution

• With the information provided, the client has the means to address the imbalances in the environment of the body, thus facilitating and supporting the body’s innate healing

• And, vitally, this process is empowering as it allows the client to be an active participant in the restoration of their health. Having this information puts them back in control, takes away the elements of helplessness and fear of the unknown, and gives more positive expectations for the future.

“Elizabeth Brown has harnessed a remarkable natural talent … either alone or in cooperation with other holistic therapies she has achieved some remarkable results and transformed the lives of many chronically ill patients.”

Dr John Millward BM, BCh Bournemouth

Reading Elizabeth’s clients’ health testimonials will give a greater understanding of how this process can be transformative.

Health Readings

During the consultation, Elizabeth also takes baseline readings of the client’s health. Should they then choose to follow the suggestions on the action list, she will support them through this process by monitoring their readings over the subsequent months. An example PDF of health readings can be downloaded below.

Health Readings – a client example (pdf)

For more information, or to request a consultation, please complete the contact page here.

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