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The following testimonials will give you a greater understanding of how Elizabeth’s work has transformed people’s lives

20 years younger and symptom-free ...

My skin condition has completely cleared up, my gut is healed and strong again and my overall health is better than I ever imagined possible, I feel 20 years younger and friends say I am ‘glowing’. I finally feel free from the restrictions of having a body that is not working properly. Now I can pursue the life I wish to live with energy and vitality. When I came to you I had no idea that it was possible to recover my body to this optimal state. You have not only helped my body heal physically but as everything is interlinked, this has profoundly improved my emotional (mental) and spiritual wellbeing also. I would suggest that every person I know would benefit from a session with Elizabeth. A true gift. Thank you.

Sarah Robinson, England

Absence of pain ...

Of the more obvious health improvements is the near total absence of pain in my shoulders and hands. That is massive. I’ve had that for at least 2 or 3 years and I have a feeling that it is just the start of things to come. I want to share the feelgood with you for starting the whole process off. If it hadn’t been for you I probably wouldn’t be around now. The NHS had pretty much said there was nothing else to do for me and please don’t die on the premises – it makes too much paperwork. So yes, I am incredibly grateful to you, Elizabeth. Thank you so much. Long may your good work continue.

Derek Morris, Dorset, England

Utterly Joyous ...

I genuinely loved the consultation. The mix of professionalism, the meticulous detail with the blend of an authentic holistic approach, stirred up many emotions. I am still feeling a sense of serenity. It was utterly joyous to hear your outlook on health.

Sheila Caldwell, Scotland

Health and Harmony ...

The truth is Elizabeth changes lives. I decided to consult her about my health: it has been immensely helpful and allowed me to have a clear strategy for my return to health and harmony. Elizabeth has changed my life and I am happy to recommend her.


What my body needed ...

You were an answer to my plea to the Universe to tell me what MY body needed … not some diet plan found in a book or online!  I’m really starting to feel the positive changes that have come about through your guidance:  my outlook and emotional status is so much more positive these days, and that is directly related to the progress made through the program you set out for me.  I can’t thank you enough!

Lori, Okinawa, Japan

Lifetime of M.E. ...

I cannot thank you enough Elizabeth. I never imagined my health could reach such levels.

Colin Macdonald

Beyond Value ...

Elizabeth’s approach is well researched and inspires a great deal of confidence. She told me exactly what I needed to do to recover from an illness, and why. She provided an easy-to-follow plan which returned me to health and vitality, and brought some lovely, surprising, unexpected benefits as well. Elizabeth’s work is beyond good value – it’s priceless. Her compassion, thoughtfulness and professionalism make you proud to know her and want to stay connected long after the formal consultations are over. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the huge part you played in saving and changing my life.

Kate Ng, London

Eczema ...

My grandson developed eczema at a few months old. Having coped with my own two children having severe eczema throughout childhood and into adulthood, and knowing how painful and debilitating it is, I knew I needed to find a solution.

Since I had my children 30 years ago, medical knowledge about eczema treatment has not altered: creams and potions to suppress symptoms (on a good day) but nothing to get to the cause of it. I found Elizabeth’s website and, after a thorough consultation over Skype, she sent us a comprehensive health report and suggested the most effective health practitioner. After the first appointment my grandson’s eczema became minimal. Following further appointments it disappeared.

I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for all the ongoing health reports and help she has given us. My grandson is now 19 months old and still no sign of eczema. I just wish I had known about her for my own children who suffered years of misery.

Susan Tovey

Not one spot! ...

Thank you so much Elizabeth, for the first time in my life I am clear… my skin has cleared completely, I have not a spot!! Life with no pain is absolutely amazing. I am back at work now too and feel really well, it feels so good to be free I can’t express to you how amazing my brand new skin feels… Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

Melanie, England

Care and understanding ...

I can’t thank you enough for handling my treatment with such care and understanding for my unique makeup and sensitivities. Honestly, I was reaching a point of hopelessness due to being so misunderstood by both allopathic and holistic practitioners. I certainly don’t fault them, however, I feel they do need to be informed and made aware that a person with heightened sensitivities may require more specialized and selective care.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME ...

Elizabeth has that much sought after combination of wisdom and skill while still remaining approachable, kind and compassionate. She treated me as an individual and recommended steps uniquely for me. Among the positive effects of following these recommendations was a return to my body being able to absorb nutrients and this led to an upturn in my energy levels.

The relaxation and support my body began to receive from the inside due to the removal of tremendous electromagnetic pollution, was something I sensed almost immediately. Like a weight was lifted…

I became stable and my health went onto receive a huge boost. When I became stronger from following what was recommended, it was possible to begin healing emotionally too. The grounded approach of Elizabeth is invaluable when she is dealing with energies that, as a client, we may have previously been unaware could effect health. I had a sense of having received the best possible advice on these matters, from someone I could trust. I feel her experience and knowledge are a shining light and invaluable to many along the path back to health.

I am most grateful to have found her and received her help myself, recommending many friends since. Everything I get to do now has greater value to me after over 10 years bed bound. After so long very ill it is truly wonderful to be up and about, a part of life and to walk around again. This month I even ate out at a restaurant with my family for the first time in 15 years.

Kathryn, Newcastle

Chronic stomach spasms ...

My view on my wife’s recovery is one of amazement – from being at an all time low the transformation is miraculous.

She was hospitalised with extremely severe nausea, vomiting and chronic stomach spasms; she suffered lack of energy and concentration, a general feeling of apathy, and being very down. All sorts of tests were carried out, to no avail. She saw a gastroenterologist, and had a colonoscopy, ultra sound, CT scan and blood tests. She visited a kinesiologist, clinical nutritionist, homeopath and acupuncturist. She had a barium meal, x-rays, and blood samples taken for parasites – all of which had been done previously and returned as ‘normal’. There were times when I thought no one could continue to endure the stress and physical pain she was having to. I don’t think that doctors and friends knew just what she was having to endure.

Fortunately, and thanks to you she is back to her old self, and I’m sure that the hellish three years is a thing of the past. My sincere thanks for all your help and understanding.

James Heppell, Newcastle upon Tyne

Severe ME ...

When Elizabeth identified the causative factors in my severe ME related illness the success she had turned my life around.

I had utterly failed to benefit from any treatment I had been given in both allopathic and alternative medicine. I had consulted doctors, practitioners and an allergy hospital, all of high repute, to no avail.
Elizabeth’s amazing work with me enabled me, on that very day, to throw away all medication. From then on the improvement in my health was striking.

It would be hard to find words worthy of praise to fully describe Elizabeth Brown’s capabilities.

Julia Hall, Cornwall

Wonderful Wisdom ...

You have shared so much of your wonderful wisdom with so many. I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you have done for me, I am at a loss for words. I have always, since I met you, sung your praises and will continue to do so…

Jan Kennedy, Edinburgh, Scotland

Without your help I dread to think ...

Thank you so much for you patience over the past 12 months, you have been fantastic when it hasn’t been easy. Your black book of therapists is incredible, Christian has a real gift and Michelle is the most compassionate and caring practitioner we have encountered, really very sympathetic and her intentions are so genuine. She has been a real comfort when my partner has been at her lowest ebb. I could have spent tens of thousands of pounds on private clinics and we would have been none the wiser… Without your help I dread to think where we would have been.

Neil Graham, Chester

Unlocking my true self ...

I have a strong sense in my gut that having the consultation with you is a fundamental step towards unlocking my true self and truly living the life I deserve and want. I can not begin or know how to express my gratitude and how much it has touched me.

Moza, Qatar

Health turnaround ...

Elizabeth Brown is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met for health turnarounds. She identifies the root cause and creates a rebalance in just one session!

Dianna Keel, London

Life changing experience ...

Consulting Elizabeth has been a completely life-changing experience. Her gift is in not only coming up with the right answers, but knowing how to ask the right questions. She helps you to look beyond the symptoms of illness to the true root causes allowing you, in some cases, to identify and break life-long patterns.

F B, London

Remarkable results ...

Holistic medicine keeps expanding and changing in response to the many diverse factors that affect our health. We are learning more about the harmful effects of the many subtle energies that pollute our personal environments that can lead to ill health, and interfere with the actions of holistic and conventional treatments. Elizabeth Brown has harnessed a remarkable natural talent to help combat the many harmful geopathic and electromagnetic energies. Either alone or in cooperation with other holistic therapies she has achieved some remarkable results and transformed the lives of many chronically ill patients.

Dr John Millward BM, BCh Bournemouth

Aching joints ...

Just to let you know my aching joints are much, much better – almost gone in fact. Thank you so much, you modern day miracle worker!.

C Lennard, London NW1

Angel ...

Elizabeth is an angel. She has worked wonders for my family, friends, work colleagues and me. She is a healer who works at a soul level in a manner that is gentle and yet powerful. (Gentle Powers is a very apt name!). I am truly grateful that I met Elizabeth and will continue to consult her and recommend her for many, many years to come.

Michelle Sorrell, London

Hope ...

Elizabeth gave me hope where I previously thought it didn’t exist. She is a very special, gifted and amazing person.

A R Arcari

Trustworthy and professional ...

Elizabeth Brown is an absolute gem – trustworthy, professional, discreet, talented. She has been of enormous help both to me and to various members of my family. Elizabeth immediately puts you at your ease – just like talking to a good friend.

Robin Fielder, London

Sleeping through the night ...

After your actions, my granddaughter slept through each of the nights – the first time this had happened on a consistent basis – and continues to benefit. I can’t thank you enough for helping my family. It is indeed a privilege to know someone like you.

Lee Farrington, Auckland NZ

Cancer ...

Knowing the “right” people in life will make all the difference between enjoying life with happiness and satisfaction or constant suffering and struggle. Every cancer patient in the UK should be aware of Elizabeth’s work; and the government in particular should be open and attentive. The potential to save human lives is simply beyond imagination. Many thanks, Elizabeth.

Marco Bianchi, London, NW3

“She works at a soul level in a manner that is gentle and yet powerful. “

Michelle Sorrell, London


“Consulting Elizabeth has been a completely life-changing experience.“

F B,  London

Photographic credit:  image by kind permission of photographer Sandra Rofe

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