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This page gives you information about forthcoming workshops and seminars; articles and press releases; feedback and testimonials; case histories; and related issues of topical interest.



Weekend workshop with Elizabeth Brown
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April 2020
Great National Hotel
N26 Dublin Road
Co. Mayo
Republic of Ireland

€160, including refreshments, information pack and dowsing rods

Appropriate for both beginners and those who wish to expand their knowledge, in this comprehensive, fun and inspiring workshop you will learn and benefit from:

  • How to know the answer to any question the moment it is asked
  • How you can use dowsing to optimize your health, well-being and quality of life
  • How dowsing physically demonstrates the existence of an invisible world of energy outside the one we perceive with our five senses
  • And why dowsing is such a relevant and valuable tool for 21st century living

On Saturday the workshop will include: What dowsing is • who can do it • how it works • dowsing rods as a finding tool • the human energy field and the earth’s energy field • using your rods or pendulum for information dowsing • fine-tuning your dowsing • the importance of questioning skills, belief, focus, detachment • the use of dowsing in everyday decision-making. On Sunday: the use of dowsing for health, well-being and happiness • optimising your living and working space • detrimental environmental energies.

From previous workshops…

“Excellent value – a natural teacher”

“Truly inspiring and so refreshing to be taught by someone who knows their material so well”

“It really was one of the best workshops I have attended. You have given me an even bigger respect for this planet, and you have shown me in a very powerful way the tools we can use to help change it for the better.”

» For more information email: [email protected]
or telephone local contact: Margaret Cooke 0035 3879 129023


Elizabeth will be speaking at the BSD Spring Symposium on Saturday 21 March 2020, to be held at Worcester Racecourse Conference Centre.

Dowsing for Health:

NUTRITION — The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

Do we really need nutritional supplements? The doctors say we don’t need them; the pharmaceutical companies say they don’t work; and the media say they’re a waste of money. So why do people die of malnutrition? And where does the truth lie…?

Did you know that most of the worlds nutritional supplements are manufactured in China? That many are partly or wholly made in laboratories from petrochemicals or from genetically modified ingredients? That taking synthetic vitamins can be extremely harmful to health — and actually cause deficiencies?

In this talk you will learn: the truths and lies about nutritional supplementation; if we really need it, and why; how the media and pharmaceutical companies deliberately mislead the public; where these ‘healthy’ supplements come from; how to distinguish between natural and synthetic nutrition; the curse of isolates; how to determine optimal dosage; how to accurately asses the quality of vitamins and minerals; the essential dowsing questions to ask; and how you can optimise your personal nutrition — and therefore your health — with dowsing.

» Click here for more information on the British Dowsers website


Elizabeth discusses dowsing with Carmen Spagnola

Listen to an episode where Elizabeth helps us understand the history and science behind dowsing including the sometimes surprising involvement of the Catholic Church, whether pendulums are as effective as rods, and the importance of finding your niche as a dowser. She also explains what a session with her entails.

» Click here for the podcast


Elizabeth was recently interviewed by Jessica Reid, Global Clairvoyant and Purpose Fulfilment Coach. Jessica says:

‘Dowsing is a technique / tool utilised to tap into and amplify our connection to infinite intelligence. Elizabeth Brown is the Hay House author of ‘Dowsing — The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century’ and professionally utilises dowsing to help people discover the specific causes of their illnesses and how they can best heal. I LOVED learning about this amazing technique and the profound discoveries that Elizabeth has made within her practice’.

» Click here to listen to the interview with Jessica Reid (iTunes)
The interview itself starts at 26.43


with journalist Claire Gillman

Elizabeth was interviewed in-depth about dowsing and her views on life by top journalist, Claire Gillman, for Kindred Spirit magazine.

» Click here to read view the article

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